Baby topic again.

Baby Serene finally start to grow tooth. She likes to bite a lot, which it started to be like this months ago. Then on one fine evening, she was biting my fingers, and I suddenly felt the tooth in her mouth!


Yeah, she is 6 months now. I guess she is following the growing path. I’ve started some solid food with her recently. Only gave her some cerelac rice into her milk. Other than that I do give her some baby biscuits to chew. She likes it a lot.


One thing I’m quite uncertain is her stool seems different from before. As I mentioned, she is now taking anmum. She used to have pass motion once per day but lately it becomes twice a day. That’s start to make me worry. Somehow I try to google for answer it seems normal. So I guess I just being paranoid.

Then again, she likes to bite and chew, she can’t leave on her pacifier whenever she wants to sleep or even during her sleep. I believe her teething must be very irritating. I know its not good to let baby keep sucking on pacifier but thats the better way to soothe her. Now her face will have rashes due to long hour sucking on pacifier. I have to put on moisturising lotion for her.


I got this lotion from SMDC last time. Cetaphil moisturising lotion. Its very expensive,  RM44 discounted price. Found that its good for sensitive skin baby. Its not very common brand but at least is safe for my baby. You can get it from local pharmacy.

My mom nagged me to start giving her solid food such as porridge. She bought some good Bario rice which is softer and nicer. So I try my best to cook some for her when I have free time. I am not sure if the nanny would mind to cook for her or not. I think the problem is not on the cooking but on the feeding! Spoon feeding is more time consuming than bottle feed!

I’m trying more kind of solid food on her now. Will update here again when I’ve done the experiment on her. Haha

Now the tooth is out, I guess the next step will be sitting on her own. Follow by crawling. Then it will definitely time for me to chase her around. Although it’s really tiring in taking care the baby but I’m actually enjoying it.


Always appreciate the bonding time with your baby, when she grows bigger you will definitely miss her baby time.

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