I guess every parents spent the most on their baby’s formula. Understand that breastfeeding is the most cost saving way but not every mom can do fully breastfeed. I only fed my baby up to 3 months, yet I wasnt fully breastfeed. My supply is not enough for her demand.  She has been formula most the time.

When she was born,  the hospital fed her with mamax which we continue it for a month. We noticed that her stool is very watery which is not so good at first. Follow on baby keep crying and refused to sleep, we figured out there’s something not right. Hence we google out, the reason might be colicky baby.

So we changed her formula to Novalac Ac, which only available at local pharmacy. We’ve been feeding her Novalac AC for 5 months. A tin of 800g cost RM60.50 which I think is cheaper compared to any other common brand. The pharmacist told me its because Novalac is an old brand and they did not need to do publicity, hence the price are cheaper. My baby conditions does improve from time to time. Her stool also gets more solid which is a healthy sign.


As time goes by, Ive been thinking to switch to some common brand. Reason to change basically is because Novalac AC is specialised formula treating colicky baby, since baby is fine now it should be time for those formula with more DHA. Ive tried S26 gold before, but baby seems not so fancy with it. So I stick back to Novalac.


Recently I try Snow NEO BABY. I started it with small tin , she adapt it quite well. The stools are fine as well. So I decided to go for bigger size but who knows her stool become greenish and too watery. I didn’t expect this to happen. Ive bought 2 big tins. I discussed with nanny(babysitter) and get some opinion from other mummy, so I decided to make a change again. This time, I go for Anmum.


At first I get a box of free sample from the clinic that we always visit. Noticed that the stools are getting better. Once again I slowly switch to Anmum. I just started Anmum for 5 days, so far the stool are changing to normal. Hope it persist then I can keep on feeding her with Anmum. I realise also Anmum is not as sweet as other formula. Its less oily as well. Oh ya, another good thing about anmum is you can keep the plastic scoop and send it for gift exchange.  Thats pretty good idea.

Comparing the scoop for each oz, anmum also has the smallest scoop too. Meaning that you can save a little bit by bit of the formula.

Everytime when I make a change, I will also have a few sip of the milk just to check out the taste. So far the most awful taste is Enfalac and S26. Im not sure why but maybe I hate strong milk and yet both of that are quite oily.

Enough of changing, I pray hard this is the last change. Baby is 6 months old now, she need to start on solid food so I must make sure her digestion is good before I start anything solid.


This post marks her 6th months! Happy 6th months Baby Serene !

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