I went to do some grocery shopping with my mom this morning.  Knowing that I still have few vouchers to spend before it expired so I quickly grab this chance to buy more diapers for my baby.

So this topic come to my mind, what is actually the best diapers in the market. I ever search for this question in google but actually there’s none the best diapers only the most preferable.

In case you are here because you wanted to know some diapers knowledge as well then come and read this on. :)


From this picture above , you actually can see 3 major brands of diapers. You might be curious why all these brand seems not so common. I know, common brands are like huggies and mamipoko right?

Personally I dont like both huggies and mamipoko. I used to buy that but too bad its not suitable for my baby. Huggies total protect, the one in red packings, cant stand for heavy flow. I need to change diapers around 3-4 hourly. If use it on day time it should be fine. Huggies is good if your baby skin is sensitive. Also on the diapers packing it actually come wirh wetness indicator. However looking at the cost I would rather use whoopee.


Whoopee is another new brand. Heard its only available in Malaysia. When I first started to use I doubt its quality as well. The size is consider a bit small if compared to mamipoko. But everytime when I change diapers, my baby skin is dry. So I believe it has a very good absorbent.  Its only rm0.4+ per piece, which I think is the vheapest brand ive tried.

For night time I will give my baby Pampers diapers. This brand used to be
very common in the old days. Where everyone call diapers as pampers regardless of brands. However, I cant actually find this brand in local supermarket nowadays.  Im not sure why. Since Miri is very near to Brunei so I choose to buy it from there. It cost about rm0.6+ which is cheaper than mami poko.

Sometimes I will still encounter leakage if baby keep sleeping on 1 side. It dont really happen that often tho.

Anyway, all these are just my own preference. Definitely there’s no such  things as best diapers. Its all depends on your baby skin also. Hope this post is helpful to you. Happy parenting!

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