Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummy. Life has been fast forwarding. This is my 1st own Mother’s Day. It also marks baby 8th month.


I should feel grateful,  感恩, baby is growing healthily.  This is already the best gift I’ve got for mother’s day.

Looking back at the past months, not only I’ve gain lots of new knowledge but baby is also learning and growing up together.


From a 1 month old baby, she has already own the fighting spirit to recover from her operation. Thats something I should learn from my baby. She has been strong all these while to overcome everything, not giving mummy and daddy too much difficulties.

Month by months, we can see her growing up. She learns to flip over when she is 2 months plus. Her head is up steadily when she is 4 months. She grow teeth when she is 5 months. 6 months she start to sit and trying to explore. 7 months she begins to crawl and walk happily in her walker. 

Now she is 8 months. 

Every morning when she wakes up, she will stand in her crib and smile to me instead of crying to me. How sweet of her.


4 more months till she is 1 year old and many many years to go.

Once again, happy Mother’s day to all mummy ! Your hard works pay off today!

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