It used to be one of the very secretive place for me, due to its dim light and dark environment. Siamese Secrets has been operating for a few years. However, I rarely give them a visit for what I know and learn that their food prices are slightly high. Maybe because they serve beers? Or maybe they sell a little bit of Thai food which is not so authentic as well?

Its just another day after work that 2 of us are hunting for food. Friends over facebook ever commented that they have the best Pizza and Best Fried Kuih Tiaw. Its pass tensed. I think I’ve tried their Pizza before, admit that it is special but I would still prefer Pizza Hut.

Prices for the drinks also a little bit pricey, but I think its okay since they provide Tv, Wifi and Aircond for us. :)

The internal ambience is good. But the odor is bad.

The seating areas seems too packed, due to the wooden chairs and tables were huge. I try to avoid sitting near to the toilet but still I can feel that the odor are strong. I wonder why do other customers still can survive with that smell.

Alex order the Tom Yum Goong with rice. If not mistaken it should be around RM16.
Since they name themselves Siamese Secret,he expect it would be something as nice as what he had in Thailand. The bowl came out to be very big but the ingredients is just a few spoonful. I could see the disappointment on his face, and on the eyes, the tears are dropping. Authentic doesn’t mean it must be over spicy, this is not what we really had in Thailand lor!

I got the Fried Kuih Tiaw with beef. RM 8 if not mistaken. :)

Ok, the beef is a LOT… Portion is fine for me, but the taste, HEY! who is the one who wrote it facebook saying that this is the best Kuih Tiaw in MIRI!? Don’t believe it… their standard probably drop.

It’s no longer a secret. I think this place could only be a place for a small gathering, *not a big one* since its very packed. Or a place for beer gardening. Else, I cant find a reason again for me to be here. Too much disappointment, and hoping for improvement. It’s time for Change!

But one good thing about Siamese Secrets, they operate from 3pm till 5am! You don’t worry you cant find food in the middle of the night!

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