I bet this is nothing new for everyone else except me. Mobile blogging has exist since long time ago . Its just the matter of time for the apps to improve.

So today finally I receive my Samsung galaxy Note II back from service center. Well it really gives me a big headache ever since I switch to this phone.

Initially I am big apple fans. But then I changed to this Note II for its flexibilities for media. Who knows this phone has caused me so much problem.

My Samsung Note II problem:
There’s one plot on the right of the screen is less sensitive.  Solved.

The memory card always removed by itself and whole memory card condemned. So they change the whole chip. He even called me personally to guide me not to overly abuse the memory card. Thats because I keep on watching downloaded drama using 3rd party software.  According to him , this is too heavy for its processor.  Hence the memory card keep on failure.  I accept his explanation.

My gallery has always slow in loading. Probably because I sync too much with other accounts.  So this time I do not sync my photo just let it be purely on camera photo only. So far, so good.


So now, it shows me this error again. Sim card will not be detected after a while. Even in the midst of a call. This is not fun. I guess I should change a new sim card before I send back to warranty again. Else they will have new excuse ask me to change from Celcom to other operators. Haha!

Lets pray hard my phone will be alright.

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