Getting myself busy it’s not something bad if I know how to utilize my time properly. My major task in my office is to ensure all my documents are nicely sorted, all well organized.

Recently I try to get things sorted due to my coming maternity leave, hence I’ve been looking around for some online tools which could ease my works. One of the favourite thing I found was this personalize notepads.  At works, I do always face up problems where lots of paperworks are not unify into a standard form. I always have to ensure my colleagues unify their works so that it wont effect the company’s standard procedure.

Making Notepads Online for Printing

So what’s so good about this personalize notepads, I bet I don’t need to do much elaborations, let the pictures tell you.


We have different kind of notes in use in our daily operation. Such as Invoices, Credit Notes, Cash Bills, Receipts are few of the major notes that is highly used in my office. My previous practise was with the local printing service. However, the outcome has always dissappoint me. They took longer time, price might not be much different, but the most important thing is the quality does make a big difference. Especially when it comes to full color printing, the quality always came out different from what I actually wanted.

Ever since I tried this Overnight Prints,  making notepads online for printing has helped up a lot. The notes that we issued to customer  are all in very good printing quality. Indirectly it tells the customers that our service quality is definitely guaranteed from top to toe.

From this online notepads, good thing is I can always upload the file to their web, followed by their simple-to-use design program, things could be done very fast.  Sizes were also stated, so I just need to choose whichever is suitable for my company use. It’s all done by a few clicks, within 2 days, my notepads are ready for delivery.

Hopefully what I found out here could help some of you who need this kind of note printing service.

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