It is my daily routine to browse through some online news.. and when i am passing through The Borneo Post Online..  I found this at the column of most accessed stories.

This is no joke, a man was jailed for 6 years for cutting off a woman’s tit or to be exact, Nipple. I don’t know what’s wrong with this man, somehow, this happen in Miri, my hometown!! I think this is too easy for him just to sit in the jail for 6 years. Imagine, this could leave a very deep impact for that victim.

At first i thought he BITE off the victim’s nipple, *u know la,it might happen when it is out of control or after some ecstacy* but when i go through the news, it is said he cut it off with grass cutter! That’s a maniac! Sicko!!!

Ladies out there, please be extra careful, wear Double Bra! Okay, it’s helpless too. ;)

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