Note 1:  I’m on Facebook wholeday
Note 2:  Any single notification I will reply in “seconds”

Ya.. holiday mood has ended and its time to check out the photos and reorganize all the photo folders. I’m still blur-ing around, don’t feel to start arranging all the photos in my devices, so i ended up having fun in facebook wholeday ;)

And of course, the success of Chung Hua 99 gathering was posted in Facebook too, I’m being tagged sure very busy body whole day la..

Orite, come to the main topic, RAHSIA KAMAR!!!!
I read it out and share this funny advert with my colleague. She’s a bit Wet and Sexited

Did you ever pay attention to the advertisement at the right side corner of your FB?
I never until tonight it caught my attention.

Sukar memuaskan isteri anda???

I clicked to the link, and found out that its actually selling a malay version  e-book telling you secrets how to satisfy your other half by ensuring she reach her climates!!!Wadui wadui….  Nowadays people are so advance, even sex education can be sell online. *Or maybe I’m too outdated?*

They even know how to apply some Powerful words to enhance your needs…

Such as..

“Sedapnya bang… nanti kita buat lagi ye?”

“kuatnya awak… hi hi hi, gelilah… sedapnya wak… wak… saya dah… tak… tahan… aaaah….”

Hahaha.. I’m not going to link it here, if you want to know the link, enlarge my picture and check it out.

Let’s guess, how much will this Rahsia Kamar cost??

P/S: Bong , maybe you can refer to this website if our project jadi o..  wakakaka

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