Do u know that actually Taiwan’s agriculture is very innovative? I bet, u dunno, not until i tell u this!

I’m holding the Milk Apple, it is big, as round as my face, err i think mine is bigger, i mean myFace.

According to our tourguide, the milk apple was invent by the taiwanese. Istead of red apple, they add in milk flavor. How they did it, i dunno. How it taste, i even dunno! Cos our apple was left at hotel, wuwuwu! RM7 for one piece!

Milky Apple.

In Malaysia, we get used to scale things either by gram or kilogram. Somehow, in places like China, Hongkong and also Taiwan, their measurement unit is in Catty / Kati / or 斤which is equal to 680grams.

This is why, sometimes its quite a confusion when weighting some items. Not only we need to convert the currency from NT to RM, but even buying fruits also have to know from Catty to Grams then to RM per kilo. That’s complicated!

Mini Tomato.
Nothing to deny also, their fruits look damn juicy and nice. But we didn’t try most of it, just bought a few and share.

It taste like guava, very crunchy and and with a small seed inside.

Anyway, today’s topic we are talking about Fruits in Taiwan, its like very normal when u go some foreign country, you would like to taste their local fruits. Eat more fruits is good for health too.

So this 2 little pretty decide to get some fruits from the hawker at ShihLin nite market. Here come the funny scene happen, i was just beside waiting, meanwhile i see them picking up their fav. fruits.

They’ve just chosen 3 types.
Please take a look at Ivy’s expression. The lady in Pink.

See her face, she frowned!
And Elsie was like , err…… with no answer..

Ivy did not hear wrongly, its really 300 yuan. See her hand holding 1000 yuan, she’s about to pay. But the eyes and the mouth open so big. 3 types of fruits

300 yuan = RM30 est.
1 packet should be 1catty = 650grams
* correction from Yen, its NT400 for that 3 packets of fruits*

The moral of the story… dun buy so much fruits its very expensive!! And we learn from mistakes, we ask our tourguide bring us to more rural area and we can stop by to taste some local fruits which is cheap, and nice!

Yen with AngMo durian.

Ooops this is the Angmoh Durian, actually we call it soursop also. Somehow, those in taiwan is really not sour at all!

Next, we go this Jambu stall called 黑珍珠。

Idunno why.. their fruist are jus so nice!!!

Our group photo~ Yay. Hope u like this fruit entry of Taiwan.

I’m sleep liao. Good nite!

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